Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rebirth at the Creek

A new breath passes through the lungs of Cub Creek. It begins with the near completion of several new facilities and and the addition of a new community of resident artists. The past two years at the creek have been marked by a devastating fire that left the community with little more than a studio and several kilns. This meant hard times and sleepless nights as residents were bound for a lifestyle of camping and construction as the program regained its stability. Today, thanks to the hard work and determination of past residents and director John Jessiman, Cub Creek is on a fast-track to vitality. The new facilities are fully functional with little more than a few minor trim needs and the occasional plumbing tweak as the new well flushes its sediment. This has provided the space a spirit of renewal and combined with the recent influx of residents the odd jobs are being marked off daily while the work of the our artists is taking shape. 

Resident Studio
John's Home
Resident Housing
Naborigama Kiln

With all going so well we have begun to think of the future and residents have pulled together to being planning out or development. This Bolg is one of the first new steps. Soon the website (that has been the subject of much neglect as our efforts turned to rebuilding after the fire) will be fresh, up to date and ready for launch. 

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