Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heidi Kreitchet

For the past month Cub Creek has been enjoying the brilliant company of Heidi Kreitchet, a wood fire ceramics artist who graduated with a MFA from Utah State University, a BFA from Northern Arizona University, and has worked as an assistant for Don Reitz.

Heidi came to Cub Creek, a ball of positive energy, and has been a great resource for all the residents with her experiences and insights into art, work, education, and clay.

To find out more about Heidi and see her work, check out her website at

Artist Statement

Creating pieces that are derived from the concept of the vessel is what pushes me to create my work. I am interested in the exploration of form through line and gesture. This becomes my visual vocabulary for communicating my on-going experience with “pushing clay”.

By hand-building these pieces I express a constant change in pattern and form. I am interested in creating pieces with angles and planes that have texture and hardness to them while enhancing the beauty of the woodfire finish.

This interaction between the malleable, versatile clay is informed by my immediate reaction to the physical quality of the material. This provides the vessels with passion, power, animation, and elasticity.

I believe in expressing movement and gesture by using clay to give the vessels integrity.

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