Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soda Kilns Falling Down

After several not-so-successful firings of our newly built wood/soda kiln we decided it would need to be rebuilt to accommodate a larger fire box. Step one of this rebuild is the demolition of the current soda kiln. We are please to say that step one is complete. Below are a few photos of the process. We are excited to get the new model built and firing beautiful pieces.

We started by supporting the key block of the arch to prevent a major collapse during the deconstruction. We wanted to save and reuse as many bricks as possible. Deconstruction went well as we worked from both sides of the kiln removing bricks. As we got closer to the middle, excitement rose as the arch continued to hold....and hold....and hold. Below you'll see the shortened video of the
collapse of the kiln. It was good to know that the arch we built was strong.

And here is the site of the future wood fired soda kiln.

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