Thursday, November 6, 2008

We are ALL FIRED UP!!!!

We began our firing on Tuesday the 4th of November 2008. I woke up around 8 am. well rested and excited for the firing and also the fact that it was election day. I didn't have a shift until 10 pm. so I headed up to the Red House Community Center and cast my vote! All day I was pumped up to hear the results, my Dad was also heading into town to visit as well. Boy did it turn out to be a great day. The firing had started smoothly, my Dad made it to town, and to top it off OBAMA was announced the next president of the united states at 11 pm.

The following morning after my 10 pm to 6 am shift I squeezed in a couple restless hours of sleep. I couldn't help this overwhelming feeling of absolute joy! For the past 8 years I have felt beat down and bruised by the poor decision making and lack of trust I had in our government. I can truly say that the hope and change that Barack Obama has inspired in our nation, has instilled in me a sense of confidence in our future that had been lacking for quite some time.

Today we had reached Cone 11 in the tube and will be ending the firing around 2 am friday. What a treat these last few days have been!

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