Wednesday, March 11, 2009

February Wood Firing...

Now that we’re all of the sudden in the middle of March, it seems like February is a distant dream that hardly occurred. How time flies at Cub Creek!
We were able to squeeze in a firing last month, that once again united ourselves as a group and kept our excitement flowing.
The firing went swift and smooth, while unloading proved to be a palette of new information and ideas. Clay bodies, placement of work in the kiln, and firing atmospheres are always challenging variables. We did manage to make a few adjustments in the stacking configuration as well as the primary air and exit flue, that made a substantial and positive difference. However, many of the pots that didn’t turn out are forcing us to learn from our failures and see it as a valuable learning tool.
Currently we are pushing to fire again this month, which will be followed by another in April. The high turnover rate we are achieving by working hard and staying dedicated is becoming a great way to learn and aspire to our goals as residents.
More blogs to be posted on future firings and upcoming events soon... For now we are enjoying the arrival of spring, making work in the studio, and cutting wood like the wind!

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Jean McGee said...

Hey Tom,
Great website, just checking out the various pics and blogs. Very interesting and informative. When is your show in Farmville?