Sunday, April 5, 2009

David Bruce : Studio Update

The incessant rains have cleared for a few great days and some much needed drying weather. The images above and below show the cradle constructed for the largest of the stones of my Object+ project. In the background you can see the vertical cradle from which this piece was transferred. Previous posts show the process from table to cradle.

The smaller stones are placed on these beds of foam to be worked and they are slowly transferred for the front bed to the back to the left as the dry and the surface is smoothed. Once they are firm enough to hold their own weight I check the balance of each piece on the black pad to the left and select the location for the small openings that expose the hollow interior.
These stones have been placed in the gas kiln for reduction firing. The remaining work is near completion and will be wood fired in the coming weeks. I am beginning to move on to the larger scope of the work and over the remainder of this month will investigate my approach to the installation.

More images and writings on this work can be seen @ and

The exhibition will be installed beginning April 26, 2009 at J Fergeson Gallery in Farmville Va.

Opening Night Reception : May 9th, 2009 : 5:00 pm - 8:00pm

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